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The date perils the return after 10 long years of the record breaking adult pantomime, Sinderella, with the original cast, Jess Conrad, Roger Kitter, Dave Lee, Diane Lee, Dave Kristian, the Oddballs, the guest appearance of Baron Hard-Onís ghost, vocally adapted by the inimitable Charlie Drake and of course Jim Davidson as Buttons.

Wimbledon Wimbledon almost Sold Out!
There are only a few remaining tickets left for the Wimbledon shows which will be filmed for the DVD. Tickets available from only £14.00.
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Give your PC or MAC a makeover with one of our naughty Sinderella wallpapers.
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Buy the original Sinderella on video recorded live during 1995 sellout tour.
Meet the cast
Sinderella 2 cast includes many of the original cast.

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