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Sinderella II
Meet The Cast... The Oddballs as themselves

The Oddballs

The Oddballs are founder member, the outrageous stand-up comedian Danny Blue, and comedy artistes Mark Gale and Adrian Doughty. The naked ambition of The Oddballs has taken them all over the world.

In the past 24 years, as well as touring Britain extensively with their unusual act, The Oddballs appeared in all the original 'Sinderellas' and are very pleased to be invited back. Many people remember them for their many television appearances including 'Bianca's Hen Night' in EastEnders.

After leaving school, Danny attached HMS Excellent, Beales the Butchers and Unigate Dairies where he earned sod all. He then proceeded to utilise that education by pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. He learnt his trade by fronting the infamous act The Oddballs, well known for appearing totally naked apart from a couple of balloons and the odd sock.

Danny's first time on stage as a comedian was to a packed house at a comedy club in Surrey, and he destroyed the room. Since that night he hasn't looked back. "I love stand-up", Danny says, "I love the old mainstream type of comedy, postcard comedy, putting words in a sequence that make the audience shudder into laughter and disbelief that I had actually just said that." Danny has appeared on many television shows and will be the subject of a documentary due out later this year.

Now heading into their 25th year, Danny's ambition is to continue dancing naked with balloons until he is 88.

Visit The Oddballs website: http://www.theoddballs.com
or Danny Blue's site: http://www.dannyblue.co.uk

Meet The Cast

Jim Davidson - Buttons

Mia Carla - Fairy Godmother

Jess Conrad - Prince Charming

Dave Kristian - Dandini

Dianne Lee - Cinderella

Dave Lee - Ugly Sister

Roger Kitter - Ugly Sister

The Oddballs - As Themselves

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